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The Telegraph reports that British children as young as eight years old are being recruited as spies for local government councils. Their job is to report “environmental crimes” to the councils. The youngsters are among almost 5,000 residents who in … Continue reading

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I’m Allowed To Do It, You’re Not

In an absolutely classic case of do as I say and not as I do, Barack “thin skin” Obama today made a rather hot attack on Sarah Palin’s quip about community organizers. This is especially funny coming from the man … Continue reading

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Fowl Crimes

Or tales of the feathered mafia. First up, the bird who called wolf: New Jersey police kicked the door in when they heard a woman’s voice repeatedly calling out, “Help me!”. Problem is, it wasn’t a woman. But instead of … Continue reading

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That Thumping Sound You Hear……

Is the members of the Obama campaign hitting their heads against the walls. Why? Oh, just that Governor Sarah Palin is now viewed more favorably than is Obama. For that matter, she’s actually ahead of John McCain. A week ago, … Continue reading

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40 Million Reasons For Worry

Very nearly 40 million people watched Governor Sarah Palin’s speech at the the Republican National Convention. That number is virtually identical to the number of people who watched Obama’s acceptance speech. more than half of viewers were women. An audience … Continue reading

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