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A Terrible Resolve

Jack Kelly, via Real Clear Politics, invokes the words of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto to describe what he sees as the terrible, terrible mistake the left has made. Yamamoto said those words (“I fear all we have done is awaken a … Continue reading

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Tea Leaves And Cautions

I saw this earlier, but have only had a bit of time to post today. Now the item is right up there at or near the top of the heap over at Memeorandum. Is this just a convention bounce or … Continue reading

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Clinton Gets It

Even though the Obama campaign most assuredly does not get it and has been leading or encouraging attacks on Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, to her credit, does get it. The press tried to get her to hit at Palin – … Continue reading

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Friends Like These

A scathing analysis of the venomous, unhinged attacks on Sarah Palin and her family by the American left and the American media (yeah, I know that’s redundant), appears in The Guardian today. Nick Cohen neatly dissects the response of the … Continue reading

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