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I Have To Give Credit Here

The latest shrieking from the left is that “Sarah Palin doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is!!!!!!!” Memeorandum has multiple links up at this moment from various left wing sites. The astroturfroots are busily plastering comment sections of non-left blogs … Continue reading

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Vicious Warmongers

The words of the vicious warmongers trying to take over the White House in November: “Ukraine and Georgia have also been developing their ties with NATO. Their leaders have declared their readiness to advance a NATO Membership Action Plan, MAP, … Continue reading

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Here is Obama supporter Cintra Wilson writing about Sarah Palin on Salon: Sarah Palin and her virtual burqa have me and my friends retching into our handbags. She’s such a power-mad, backwater beauty-pageant casualty, it’s easy to write her off … Continue reading

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Fitting Tribute

Through the tireless efforts of the families of the 184 victims of the 9/11 attack on The Pentagon, a memorial has been built. Today is the dedication of that monument, built with private donations right next to the spot where … Continue reading

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The Big Mistake

Notice anything about the presidential race in the past two weeks? I have. Barack Obama is spending a lot of time attacking Sarah Palin. A real lot of time. After first vowing to ignore Palin, suddenly, Obama just can’t stop … Continue reading

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