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Well, Of Course They Don’t Give Away Their Money

They’re too busy thinking up ways to spend yours. Joe Biden has proven to be even more of a skinflint than Barack Obama when it comes to charitable giving. TaxProf has the numbers in a handy-dandy table that shows that … Continue reading

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Kathleen Parker writes about an event in South Carolina organized for four living recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. CAMDEN, S.C. — While the political class was focused on the meaning of pigs wearing lipstick, a few fortunate South … Continue reading

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No Parking On Street

So a British police officer decided to park in a basement. Funny picture at the link. Tweet

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Charles Krauthammer today maps out the arc of Barack Obama’s candidacy. Plotting out the points through Obama’s speeches over the last four years, Krauthammer draws a picture of the rise and fall of Barack Obama. But Palin is not just … Continue reading

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Mad Reporter! Mad Reporter!

Howard Kurtz is mad! The media are getting mad. Whether it’s the latest back-and-forth over attack ads, the silly lipstick flap or the continuing debate over Sarah and sexism, you can just feel the tension level rising several notches. Maybe … Continue reading

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