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Faint Praise

Well, Bill Clinton is campaigning for Barack Obama. Sort of. Except for the fact that he has more praise for Hillary, John McCain and Sarah Palin than for the Democratic party candidate. Thank heavens he didn’t mention Joe Biden. However … Continue reading

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Global Coldening, Round Two

Not to be outdone by my esteemed colleague and valued Adjunct Blogger, Rich, I thought I’d add this tidbit about global cooling. The venerable Old Farmer’s Almanac (not to be confused with the upstart Farmer’s Almanac, which started publishing 26 … Continue reading

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Sleepless Yet, Joe?

As The Los Angeles Times Top of the Ticket blog puts it, THIS is what Joe Biden needs to be worried about: being filleted with a smile by Sarah Palin: Fox News has released more excerpts from the second segment … Continue reading

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Global Colding Update

Heard the hysteria about ice melt in the arctic? Well, it turns out that with the “melting season” officially over there is actually 9% more ice than last year. Hmmm…what do you call it when there is more of something … Continue reading

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