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Disappeared from the American Media as far as I can tell:

FBI searches apartment of man implicated in Palin email hacking case

WASHINGTON – The FBI searched the residence of the son of a Democratic state legislator in Tennessee over the weekend looking for evidence linking the young man to the hacking of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s personal email account, two law enforcement officials told The Associated Press on Monday.

David Kernell, 20, has not returned repeated phone calls or emails from the AP since last week. His lawyer said Monday the family is going through a difficult period.

It was up – very, very briefly, at CNN, but now I can’t find it there and searching for it there locks up the browser.

And Rusty at Jawa Report broke a major – really major – report that prompted a response from the target of his investigation:

Ethan Winner responds. Written like a VP in a public relations firm that specializes in crisis management and grassroots organization. I’ll post the whole thing below.

He produced the video? He paid for the voice-over narration which he found through a talent agency? The voice-over artist has never done any work for the Obama campaign?

He then goes on to sidestep the question of the lie he puts forth in the video: that Palin was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party — which she wasn’t. That is empirical fact.

Instead, in his carefully crafted explanation of the video, he claims she once attended the party’s convention and that her husband was a member. But that’s not what the video claims. The video claims she was a member. That is a lie.

I take it back, this sounds more like the company lawyer, Justyn Winner, crafted the response. You don’t defend the lie, instead you talk about everything but the lie. It might work to confuse juries Justyn, but come on dude!

Do I find his response hard to believe. Yes I do. I would especially note the carefully crafted future tense usage for when he will pay the voice over artist.

So, we have two different people, well connected to the Democrats actively engaged in trying to smear Sarah Palin.

Two points define a line. One appears to be a criminal action, the other, at the least, actionable in a civil court. Possibly criminal as well, if ties to the Obama campaign could be proven.

You, apparently, won’t be reading about either of these in the American media.

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6 Responses to Data Points

  1. The MSM took a break yesterday. Here’s this morning’s linkage:

    The real news is that a Lizard at Little Green Footballs broke the thing that night, it was picked up by the Freepers who mounted a “contact the law” campaign and two days later they raided the apartment of David Kernell who is the son of ultra-liberal Tennessee State Senator Mike Kernell.

  2. Ropelight says:

    I wonder if Ethan Winner’s experience with “grassroots organization” makes him a “community organizer” in the Saul Alinsky mold, along with Obama.

    The attacks on Sarah Palin are straight out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” He advises that when your opponent can’t be defeated with logic or evidence, then ridicule and smears are the best alternative.

  3. Bleepless says:

    Of course Winner is being honest! He presented his personal cancelled checks, didn’t he? Oh. Wait a minute.

  4. cmblake6 says:

    “You, apparently, won’t be reading about either of these in the American media.”

  5. syn says:

    “Lizard at Little Green Footballs”

    Hmm are those the creatures which freak out over anything remotely associated with white people or with ‘creationists’ and with people wearing scarves?

    Good Lord last time I read that guy’s blog was when his Stazi-intellectuals behaved as if it would be perfectly justified to round up those ‘creationists’ and send them some sort re-education camp or something.

    Oh and Gov Palin is a Christians who believes in God, must really be spinning the lizard’s heads into complete meltdown.

    Lizard Kidz the internet’s equalivent to Koz Kidz.

  6. Ropelight says:

    syn, it’s a bit early to be hittin’ the sauce.

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