I realize that the abject “main stream” media will suppress this, just as they suppressed the contents of Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s vile speech at the UN. But had a major Republican fundraiser done this, the media would be positively spasming right now.

An Obama fundraiser – a major one – has proudly met the Iranian president and overtly offered to subvert American law to suck up to the vicious, little anti-Semite.

And she’s bragging about it, too. Apparently without “preparations”, Code Pink founders Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin met with Iranian president and raging anti-Semite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York. Evans wears another hat in this election as well; she has pledged to raise over $50,000 for Barack Obama as one of his main bundlers:

Calling it a “major step forward” in relations between Iran and the United States, leading activists Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans of CODEPINK Women for Peace — along with more than 150 other U.S. peace group representatives — met Wednesday afternoon with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here following his appearance at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

Ed Morissey is right here – either the Obama campaign returns the money or they deserve the fleas they get from the company they keep.

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4 Responses to Fleas

  1. martian says:

    These people are lower than a snake’s belly as we say here in the south.

  2. Ropelight says:

    I’m so disgusted my words are too harsh for public display. I’m glad I can’t get my hands on the likes of these swine. I think I’ll have a Bloody Mary and go kick the neighbor’s dog.

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  4. Sean the Maggot says:

    Nice, treachery and communism seems to go hand in hand. Weird though, people like Code Pink tends to get locked up in Iran. By this action, do you think the Code Pink people condone the action of the Iranian regime like executing gays for, you know, being gay?

    I guess certain type of theocracy is okie dokey with those schmucks.

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