Agreeable Sort, Isn’t He?

Very fast response by the McCain campaign.

Via Memeorandum.

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4 Responses to Agreeable Sort, Isn’t He?

  1. syn says:

    I started to watch however Jim Leher’s ‘eye-ball popping out of his head like Pelosi’ look kept reminding me of Katherine Helmond in “Brazil”.

    Leher was so distracting I stopped watching halfway through.

    I’ll say this much for McCain(as you know I’m not his biggest fan) he is graceful in his age which tells me so much more about his character than the freakshow seen on television day-in and day-out.

    McCain inspires me to appreciate my wrinkles and that aging gracefully is so much better than that desperate quest to look ironed-out.

  2. An off topic comment. Mrs. QM observed that there haven’t been any Animal Uprising updates lately. In fact it seems like there haven’t been _any_ since Gaius returned from his blog-break.

    Which begs the question: are we sure it really is still Gaius there or is it a black bear or some other critter tricking us? As Andrew Sullivan says about something even more unlikely, that Trig is not Sarah Palin’s baby, “this is a legitimate factual question”

  3. martian says:

    McCain needed to give a better performance than he did. He let Obama take control of the topics too much and he never looked at Obama the whole time. Obama was addressing Lehrer, the audience and McCain and looked comfortable doing it. McCain talked straight to Lehrer only. My wife mentioned it several times and finally said “He’s still not looking at him. He’s starting to piss me off!” I should point out that my wife is decidedly NOT a worshiper at the altar in the Grecian Temple of the Obamessiah. She just thought it made McCain look less comfortable and she wanted him to have a better performance. Unfortunately, McCain allowing Obama to hold his own at this debate is a tactical win for Obama. I think all we can hope for at this point is that there is some October surprise about Obama in the wings.

  4. martian says:

    Also, somebody needs to call Obama out on the fact that he was outright lieing several times when he said “I never said that” about several issues. There is footage on youtube that shows him saying those things. One specific that comes to mind is that he stated “I never said that” about his statement during the earlier debate during the primaries where he said that he would meet with the leaders of rogue states without pre-condition. It’s on video for cripe’s sake. the McCain campaign needs to go over every statement where he claims he didn’t say something and dig up the video of him saying it.

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