I’m Not Being Quiet On Purpose

In fact, if you ever head over to The Iconic Midwest you would see that I’ve not been “quiet” at all. The trouble is I’ve set myself a certain standard for my postings over here. Gaius has set the tone of this blog, and a good one it is. When I feel I have things to say in that mode there is no better place on the web to reach a classy readership than right here at the Crabitat.

The thing is, I’ve not been in that mode very often of late. The rigors of the campaign season and, especially, the tenor of the Obama campaign have not been conducive to calm reasoned discourse. I know, I know…I shouldn’t let them get to me, but when you add an “in the tank” media to the mix, a little vicious invective doesn’t seem so bad.

The upshot is I’m gonna try to add more of my two cents over here a little more often…at least the less screed like portions of it. Aren’t you lucky?

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