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Sleepless Yet, Joe?

As The Los Angeles Times Top of the Ticket blog puts it, THIS is what Joe Biden needs to be worried about: being filleted with a smile by Sarah Palin: Fox News has released more excerpts from the second segment … Continue reading

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Global Colding Update

Heard the hysteria about ice melt in the arctic? Well, it turns out that with the “melting season” officially over there is actually 9% more ice than last year. Hmmm…what do you call it when there is more of something … Continue reading

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Heh. Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, will endorse John McCain for president on Wednesday, her spokesman tells CNN….. …..“This is a hard decision for me personally because … Continue reading

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Waving From The Limousine

Wow, just wow. After spending a day campaigning in which he talked about the mortgage crisis and the Wall Street upheavals and the impact on regular Americans, Barack Obama jetted to a ritzy Hollywood fundraiser. (Undoubtedly, he took his luxury … Continue reading

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Core Damage

Victor Davis Hanson says that the media and other Obama supporters are reaching the point of meltdown – The derangement is showing. What we are seeing is a sort of meltdown in which the selection of Palin is associated with … Continue reading

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Lashing Out

The Democrats appear to have sent in their big guns against Sarah Palin on the Sunday talk show circuit. Personally, I watched none of the shows, being busy yesterday, but what I’m reading this morning over at Memeorandum indicates they … Continue reading

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Watching The Watchers

Glenn Reynolds has advice for Sarah Palin and John McCain: bring your own camera. But there’s a remedy now, with technology being what it is. If I were a candidate, I think I’d bring my own camera to interviews, shoot … Continue reading

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It’s Charles smacking heck out of Charlie. That’s Krauthammer and Gibson respectively. Charles Krauthammer beats Charlie Gibson about the head and body over Gibson’s completely wrong definition of the Bush Doctrine. Krauthammer should know, incidentally – he is the person … Continue reading

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The Wall, And How To Hit It

Wow, this is sort of like watching an old Warner Brothers Road Runner and Coyote cartoon. In those classics, the super-genius coyote always made out so well in his quest to dine on the roadrunner, didn’t he? So it is … Continue reading

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Well, Of Course They Don’t Give Away Their Money

They’re too busy thinking up ways to spend yours. Joe Biden has proven to be even more of a skinflint than Barack Obama when it comes to charitable giving. TaxProf has the numbers in a handy-dandy table that shows that … Continue reading

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Kathleen Parker writes about an event in South Carolina organized for four living recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. CAMDEN, S.C. — While the political class was focused on the meaning of pigs wearing lipstick, a few fortunate South … Continue reading

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No Parking On Street

So a British police officer decided to park in a basement. Funny picture at the link. Tweet

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Charles Krauthammer today maps out the arc of Barack Obama’s candidacy. Plotting out the points through Obama’s speeches over the last four years, Krauthammer draws a picture of the rise and fall of Barack Obama. But Palin is not just … Continue reading

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Mad Reporter! Mad Reporter!

Howard Kurtz is mad! The media are getting mad. Whether it’s the latest back-and-forth over attack ads, the silly lipstick flap or the continuing debate over Sarah and sexism, you can just feel the tension level rising several notches. Maybe … Continue reading

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I Have To Give Credit Here

The latest shrieking from the left is that “Sarah Palin doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is!!!!!!!” Memeorandum has multiple links up at this moment from various left wing sites. The astroturfroots are busily plastering comment sections of non-left blogs … Continue reading

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