I Cannot Believe This Is The Country Of John Locke

News from a weird but not-so-wonderful England: Gardener ordered to take down barbed wire fence ‘in case thieves hurt themselves on it’

A gardener has been ordered by council chiefs to remove three foot high barbed wire ringing his allotment – in case thieves scratch themselves climbing over it.

Bill Malcolm, 61, took the drastic step of installing the wire in a bid to prevent burglars raiding his tool shed and ransacking his vegetable plots.

Intruders have struck three times in four months, stealing more than £300 worth of hardware, including spades, forks and hoes as well as destroying his potato patch.

The fed-up gardener surrounded his 600 square yard site in Worcester with a single strand of barbed wire, which stood no more than waist high.

But his local council declared the security measure was a health and safety hazard and warned him they would forcibly remove it if he refused.

Bill said: ‘It’s an absolutely ridiculous situation, all I wanted was to protect my property but the wire had to go in case a thief scratched himself.

‘The council said they were unhappy about the precautions I had made but my response was to tell them that only someone climbing over on to my allotment could possibly hurt themselves.

‘They shouldn’t be trespassing in the first place but the council apologised and said they didn’t want to be sued by a wounded thief.


Should we remove locks from our doors because thieves could injure themselves trying to force them open? What about “dangerous” glass windows which could cut thieves should they attempt to get through them? Basically, this boils down to the idea that any defense of private property is illegitimate.

The article even points out that the state will decide what is worthy of protection and what isn’t. Those things the state wishes to protect will be supplied with CCTV. Everything else? Well, sorry, you are SOL there.

This is too stupid for belief.

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2 Responses to I Cannot Believe This Is The Country Of John Locke

  1. old_dawg says:

    England has become an embarrassment to Western Civilization.

  2. Bleepless says:

    Britain is not the only place where such things happen. Some years back, here in the US, some would-be burglar sued — and won — because the skylight of his target building collapsed with him on it and he was injured. I do not remember where it happened.

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