Working At The Carwash…..

A man in Saginaw, Michigan has been arrested after – and I quote – ”receiving sexual favors from a vacuum” at a carwash.

A 29-year-old Swan Creek Township man was in the Saginaw County Jail for ”receiving sexual favors from a vacuum” at a Thomas Township car wash, police say.

A Thomas Township resident called police to report ”someone acting suspicious” at a car wash around 6:45 a.m. Thursday, said Police Sgt. Gary Breidinger.

Now, we’ve seen this kind of behavior before, of course. We’ll just point out that when the man’s name is released, it’ll suck to be him.

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4 Responses to Working At The Carwash…..

  1. Was that the basic service, or did it come with a three-wax polish, too?

  2. Larry Sheldon says:

    His name won’t be released. He no doubt will be registered, will vote for Obama and be sent on his way.

  3. Rich Horton says:

    What do you expect in the state where they filmed Super Sucker?

  4. Mockingbird says:

    Perhaps he’ll get more sexual favors in jail. Oooops, he’s probably out by now and back on the vacuum.


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