Hope! And Change!

As in, “Gee, we hope nobody notices that we are changing the numbers.” But the ever-vigilant McQ at Q and O not only noticed, he has video. That “only those earning $250,000 will see a tax increase is already being lowered. By both Obama – to $200,000 – and by his gaffe-prone running mate, Joe Biden – to $150,000. As McQ points out, Biden is a walking, talking goof machine. But he also points out one other little truth:

The possibility that Biden got the numbers wrong in an interview is certainly one that can’t be dismissed. But the number Obama put out there should never have survived editing if he didn’t want that said. That is Obama’s “closing argument” ad.

So that change you were hoping for, folks? The change is in who is going to have their wealth confiscated and redistributed by an Obama administration.

A side note for folks to consider: even under Obama’s new target of those earning $200,000 getting their wealth taken away to be given away, one group of folks will all get a hefty pay raise funded by those confiscations:

The Congress of the United States.

That’s right, a vote for Obama is a vote to give many members of Congress a pay raise.

Still the change you were hoping for?

(I’m surprised that right leaning blogs have not pointed this out before.)

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  1. Hermit says:

    “(I’m surprised that right leaning blogs have not pointed this out before.)”

    Great info! I’ve linked to it in my post tonight. Thanks!

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