So Why Wouldn’t Joe Answer The Question?

TV Reporter Barbara West talking to Larry King about asking Joe Biden tough questions:

King: All right, Barbara, what were you getting to, since generally the redistribution of the wealth is a graduated income tax?

West: Well, Larry, no, I don’t believe that it is just a graduated income tax. I think a lot of people who are talking to me out on the street are saying they are very, very concerned that this idea of redistributing the wealth means taking it out of somebody’s pocket who is a wage earner and putting it in somebody’s pocket who refuses to work. And they’re asking about. That’s what they don’t want. That is what they want to know, what does this really mean? My job as a journalist is to ask those questions and get those answers, and I don’t believe I got answers at all.

King: Was the implication in the question that Barack Obama is a Marxist?

West: I was asking him to tell us about how Barack Obama’s redistribution of wealth was different from that quote by Karl Marx, that’s all I wanted to know.

This underscores a forgotten point here. When asked a question that required Biden to make a meaningful distinction between Obama’s policies and the theories of Karl Marx, Biden couldn’t do it.

On one level, this could be viewed simply as a “gaffe,” but the sheer amount of outrage generated by the Biden and the Obama camp doesn’t support this view. Indeed, this question is a very legitimate follow-up to the “Joe the plumber” episode, and if the Obama camp was on the ball they would have had a canned answer ready.

The meme being trotted out by the Obama camp and the media (i.e. that the “graduated income tax” equals “redistribution of wealth” so we are all little Marxists already) is so obviously inadequate they fell back on their next best solution; rely on the lap dog media to ignore the issue.

Luckily, some reporters aren’t completely in the bag.

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2 Responses to So Why Wouldn’t Joe Answer The Question?

  1. Lars Walker says:

    I remember Barbara West from when I lived in Florida and watched Orlando TV. Never guessed she was a profile in courage, though. Good on her.

  2. martian says:

    If you watched the interview, you could see that good ole Joe was completely taken aback by her questions. At one point he even asks her “Is that a real question?” As if he can’t believe that someone in the media is actually asking a question that isn’t tailored the the Obamessiah campaign’s talking points. Can there be any better evidence that the campaign and everyone associated with it expects the media to softball them at all times?

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