Step Out Of Line….

…And the woman comes and takes you away. Well, there is certainly something happening in Ohio. Ask a certain candidate a question and the full might and power of the government might just come down on your head.

A state agency has revealed that its checks of computer systems for potential information on “Joe the Plumber” were more extensive than it first acknowledged.

Helen Jones-Kelley, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, disclosed today that computer inquiries on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher were not restricted to a child-support system.

The agency also checked Wurzelbacher in its computer systems to determine whether he was receiving welfare assistance or owed unemployment compensation taxes, she wrote.

Jones-Kelley made the revelations in a letter to Ohio Senate President Bill M. Harris, R-Ashland, who demanded answers on why state officials checked out Wurzelbacher.

Harris called the multiple records checks “questionable” and said he awaits more answers. “It’s kind of like Big Brother is looking in your pocket,” he said.

The explanation that Jones-Kelly gives – that this is routine for any name that pops up in the press – is either completely absurd or should deeply – very deeply – frighten every citizen of Ohio. For if the government has full time employees who have nothing better to do than check every name in the news against their databases, you should be very afraid of your government.

It is much more likely that maxed-out Obama donor Helen Jones-Kelley abused her office by running an authorized and very probably illegal search against a private citizen who asked a question and caused her chosen candidate to embarrass himself.

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5 Responses to Step Out Of Line….

  1. K T Cat says:

    I had no idea she was a maxed out donor. With the way Obama checks his online donations, she could have maxed out any number of times!

  2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    This story may warm yuri’s heart (not to mention the hearts of other “smart people”), but for the rest of us it smacks of dictatorship.

  3. syn says:

    Always remember the Left is Vicious and when they say ‘by any means necessary’ they’re not kidding around.

    One would think the noble Buckleys, the Noonans, the Parkers and the Brooks had enough intelligence to understand this fact of life.

  4. Ropelight says:

    “The explanation that Jones-Kelly gives – that this is routine for any name that pops up in the press…” would certainly seem to include her too.

    Her name recently popped up. So when can we expect those sharp-eyed and curious bureaucrats in Ohio to put her under a government funded microscope and examine her background for unmet obligations, absent or forged credentials, current or past infractions of the civil codes, delinquent payments, or complaints to law enforcement agencies?

    If turnabout is fair play, she can’t object to the same sort of examination she inflicted on JTP, but fairness isn’t her strong suit, as her behavior proves.

  5. martian says:

    “The explanation that Jones-Kelly gives – that this is routine for any name that pops up in the press…”

    This is almost certainly illegal to just run routine deep background checks on anyone who is mentioned in a news aricle. It completely lacks in probable cause for invading the individual’s privacy. And, no, asking the Chosen One a question for which he has no canned answer does NOT constitue probable cause under any definition of the term. I hope that these people are pursued vigorously and that criminal charges get filed, if probable cause is found to do so.

    My guess is that this will all fade away. You notice there has been absolutely nothing mentioned about this in the MSM. It’s mentioned only in the local news and in conservative blogs. Most of the country, including many “undecided voters” will never hear of this. Just like they aren’t hearing about the strong-arm tactics the Obamaniacs employed in all if the caucus states and the huge number of complaints about fraud, busing in people to vote in caucuses from out of stste, etc. Or the massive campaign finance fraud being perpetrated by the Obamessiah’s campaign on a daily baisi.

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