Throw Reporter From The Plane

Even our current resident Obamapologist Yuri should – if he were honest about these things – be troubled by this story. The Obama campaign has cheerfully ejected certified members of the press from Obama’s personal aircraft – apparently because the reporter’s papers endorsed John McCain rather than the exalted one.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton confirms Drudge’s report that two right-leaning papers, the Washington Times and the New York Post, have lost their seats on the Obama plane, along with the Dallas Morning News.

“We’re trying to reach as many swing voters that we can and unfortunately had to make some tough choices. but we are accommodating these folks in every way possible,” he said.

The Post and the Morning News are both read primarily in states that aren’t in play, but the Washington Times is read in Northern Virginia.

Burton said the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times had returned to the plane, and confirmed that Ebony and Jet magazines have seats on the plane. (The Tribune has had a reporter on the plane for most of the cycle, but recently added a photographer.)

The message to the media is quite clear: Step out of line and your access goes away. Obama is sending a very clear signal of what his response to stories critical of him will be.

Happy there in the tank, media? Ready to be the servants of the Obama administration should that happen? Or willing to pay the price of lost access if you step out of line?

Be very, very careful of what you wish for, folks.

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