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Change You Can – Er – Believe In?

Well, Obama’s supporters on the left are having to deal with the fact that Obama’s administration is looking an awful lot like the Clinton administration. Which is amusing. What is somewhat less amusing is the fact that there appear to … Continue reading

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Rearranging The Deck Chairs

Via Ed Driscoll (via Memeorandum) comes this very, very telling graph of how bad the situation is right now for the newspaper industry. Alan Mutter provides a graphical description of how bad things have gotten. Two billion dollars in lost … Continue reading

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Mumbai, The Aftermath

Not only did the terrorists who attacked Mumbai targeting foreigners – especially American, British and Israeli citizens – kill many people. No, they also appear to have done much more. As in binding their captives and torturing them before finally … Continue reading

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Shagging Sheep

Mark Steyn destroys a couple of critics. I’m not even going to try to excerpt this one, the whole thing needs to be read to fully appreciate how good he is at this sort of thing. And how very bad … Continue reading

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Deadly Hesitation

I wish I’d had a gun, not a camera. The gunmen were terrifyingly professional, making sure at least one of them was able to fire their rifle while the other reloaded. By the time he managed to capture the killer … Continue reading

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Want A Five Percent Raise?

Become left handed. That’s the ticket to earning 5% more than right-handers, according to British researchers. Left-handed boys underperform at school but enjoy greater financial success in later life than right-handers, studies suggest. They appear to adapt well to life … Continue reading

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Remember the doom and gloom the media was reporting about how bad the holiday shopping season might be? The dire warnings? The whole sky is falling routine? Well, not only were there shoppers on Black Friday, but those shoppers spent … Continue reading

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Myths Unravel

Another day, another media-generated Obama myth destroyed. This time it turns out that those hordes of small donors everybody knows contributed Obamoney to Obama in such huge numbers were actually not really there at all – at least not in … Continue reading

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When Candy Canes Are Outlawed….

…Only outlaws will have candy canes. A California man fended off – nay, subdued – a knife-wielding attacker with a giant, plastic candy cane Christmas decoration. A man using a candy cane lawn ornament fended off a knife-wielding neighbor who … Continue reading

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A Dismal Retail Season. Only $10 Billion More Than Last Year.

Seriously. CNN is reporting that the National Retail Federation is expecting only a 2.2% increase in sales over last year. A mere $470 billion. CNN also reports that stores were mobbed today. (Unfortunately, those mobs include one that trampled a … Continue reading

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The Stock Political Market

Charles Krauthammer points out what should be rather obvious by now: the stock market no longer functions as a stock market. Rather, it functions as a political market. The markets rise and fall now exclusively on political news, not market … Continue reading

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On Hysteria – A Project For Readers

Victor Davis Hanson calls it “The Hysterical Style”. The endless yammering for an instant solution to the economic problems of today and the mindless calls for the overturning of the Constitution. Politicians now predict the implosion of the U.S. auto … Continue reading

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Terror In Mumbai

The Times of India is reporting that a final cleanup operation is underway to clean out terrorists holed up in the Taj and Trident hotels in Mumbai. The process is complicated by the fact that the terrorists are apparently holding … Continue reading

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The Last Thursday Of November Next

The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, … Continue reading

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I Don’t Suppose This Will Get Any Attention In The Media

But at least the firmly in the Obama tank Politico reported on it. It’s a start. There is a growing consensus that there is no consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming. Climate change skeptics on Capitol Hill are quietly watching a … Continue reading

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