Worms On A Train!

Forget that abysmal movie from a couple of years ago. This is reality, or something approaching it! Worms on a train!

A Japanese man was arrested for releasing hundreds of beetle larvae inside a moving express train to try to scare female passengers, police said Tuesday.

“I wanted to see women get scared and shake their legs,” police quoted 35-year-old Manabu Mizuta as saying.

It seems the police became a bit suspicious and were on the lookout for worm boy following 18 reports of the same sort of thing happening. When apprehended, Mizuta had about 3,600 of the worm-like larvae in his possession.

One presumes that Mizuta’s victims, over their shaky legs by now and fully enraged, would dearly love to feed him his worms. All 3,600 of them.

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2 Responses to Worms On A Train!

  1. K T Cat says:

    Chicks shaking their legs because of worms? Now that’s a strange fetish!

  2. martian says:

    This is terrible! The Animal Uprising is recruiting human agents! Now we’ll really have to be on the alert!

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