Terror In Mumbai

The Times of India is reporting that a final cleanup operation is underway to clean out terrorists holed up in the Taj and Trident hotels in Mumbai. The process is complicated by the fact that the terrorists are apparently holding hostages. There are also hotel guests who have locked themselves in their rooms, hiding from the attackers.

MUMBAI: As the battle against militants, who attacked prime multiple locations in Mumbai, raged on, Army today said it was preparing for a final assault to flush out the ultras holed up in the Taj hotel.

“NSG is here. They are carrying out a very deliberative operation. They are trained for it and are the best in the country. I have faith in them,” Major General R K Hooda, GOC, Maharashtra area told reporters here.

While the army will carry out the flushing-out operations in Taj hotel, the specialised commandos of the National Security guards and the Naval MARCOS will undertake operations at the Trident hotel, where it is believed that the terrorists are holding hostages.

Hooda, the seniormost Army General in Maharashtra, said operation clean-up at the Taj will start from the top floor and the personnel will carry out a room-to-room combing operation.

Reports indicate that the massive, coordinated attacks were especially aimed at American and British citizens staying in the luxury hotels. The situation in Mumbai is still very confused, with conflicting reports everywhere you look this morning. What we do know so far is that simultaneous attacks were carried out all across Mumbai. Terrorists have never shown this kind of coordination and discipline before. This is truly a game changer for India and for counter-terrorism worldwide. A whole new level of sophistication from terrorists is not a good thing at all.

The Telegraph is reporting 101 dead so far and another 280 wounded.

AllahPundit has a huge roundup.

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  1. This shows how much death and destruction a handful of fanatical animals can cause. It can happen anywhere at anytime. It can happen here…

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