Want A Five Percent Raise?

Become left handed. That’s the ticket to earning 5% more than right-handers, according to British researchers.

Left-handed boys underperform at school but enjoy greater financial success in later life than right-handers, studies suggest.

They appear to adapt well to life in a right-handed world and end up earning around 5 per cent more per hour.

Researchers from Bristol University and Imperial College London tracked 12,000 children from birth to 14 and found that left-handers were behind when they started school and in tests at 11 and 14.

And academics at University College Dublin, who studied 18,000 men and women in their thirties, found that left-handers earn £1,112 more per year, 5 per cent extra.

Around 10 per cent of people are left-handed, a phenomenon more common among men than women.

Until quite recently, left-handedness was seen as sinister, the Latin word for left. Some children were even forced to switch to their right side by their teachers or parents.

So start using those left hands, you right-handed folks! Of course, this advice will not work for those of you who are already left-handed. You could go demand a raise, though. Although that probably isn’t a winning strategy.

What this story does not address is those of us who were born ambidextrous. Which I was when I was younger. Drove my teachers completely crazy, that did. I’d pick up a pencil with whichever hand was closest and just go to town drawing or writing. They more or less forced me to use my right hand by about the third grade, however. Eventually, I stopped using the left – except that I shoot left handed. (That’s more a function of being blind in my right eye, at least with long guns. But I can shoot a pistol with either hand equally well.)

By the way, I rather suspect there is something else in play here, not just which hand is dominant. The story hints that some researchers feel that way as well.

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  1. sam says:

    Thanks for the post from a lefty (handed person.)

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