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Blowout For Chambliss?

It looks like Saxby Chambliss has won – handily – in the Georgia runoff election and will retain his seat in the US Senate. This looks like a very strong win, not even close. (At this writing it looks like … Continue reading

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Jingle All The Way …… To The Poorhouse

Bookies in Britain are officially getting nervous. One bookmaker stands to lose over one million pounds if the worst happens. If there is snow on the ground at Christmas, that is. Why are they nervous? Because they are closing schools … Continue reading

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What’s Black And White And Nonexistent?

The saga of the Ivory Billed Fraud continues! Both myself and my esteemed Adjunct Blogger, Rich Horton have regularly trashed, belittled and made fun of the continuing nonsensical waste of precious Federal wildlife funds chasing the extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker. … Continue reading

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Keep Those Reeking Peons Away From Us

Harry “Big Red Shoes” Reed should have listened to his staff. They told him not to tell the press what he really thinks of Americans who just want to see their Capitol Building. The Capitol Visitors Center, which opened this … Continue reading

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