Warning! Global Warming(tm) Will Cause The Same Weather!

It’s official: Everything is a sign of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Study designed to measure ice storm severity

An electric utility official and a state meteorologist have developed a system to measure the severity of an ice storm that may help people better prepare.

Hmm…makes sense. It could prove to be quite a useful tool. Tell me more, please.

Sid Sperry, an official with the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, and Steve Piltz, the meteorologist in charge at the Tulsa National Weather Service forecast office, created the “Sperry-Piltz Utility Ice Damage Index.”

Snazzy name, but why not the “Piltz-Sperry Index”? If you say that quickly it sort of sounds like Pillsbury, and name recognition is everything.

Sorry. Please continue telling me about the index and how it works.

Researchers at the Oklahoma Climatological Survey office in Norman found evidence of warming at the surface by studying statewide average winter December through February temperatures since 1896. Another report indicated warming at the surface and lower portions in the atmosphere across most of the nation and in particular the northern hemisphere.

Huh? Warming? Who said anything about warming? I thought you were going to tell me about your new Ice Damage Index.

Maybe that will be in the next paragraph.

The hypothesis that a warming climate could lead to more frequent ice storms meshes with ideas of conditions needed to form freezing rain.

Hmm…still no information on that Index. Instead, we are told warming temperatures will lead to more ice storms. In Oklahoma.

Hmmm….seems to me there are plenty of ice storms in Oklahoma already, and have been for some time. Seems that real warming should result in more ice storms in, oh, I don’t know, South Dakota or Alberta.

Got anything about that Index?

Although there’s no solid proof of a connection between the two, research suggests the possibility that significant ice storms will continue to affect Oklahoma.

Ah, so now we are asked to believe this “never been seen before by human beings” situation will result in the continuation of existing weather patterns. And, hey!, who needs “solid proof” anyway?

Damn you Global Warming! Damn you all to hell!

Damage potential is categorized in five levels by ice thickness, wind speed and direction, and temperatures for the storm period.

“By being able to predict three or four days in advance not only the likely path and footprint of an ice storm, but also accurately estimating the total amount of ice that could potentially accumulate on power lines, and knowing well ahead of time the forecast wind speeds and temperatures, we can better prepare our electric line crews for the potential damage that they may be dealing with,” Sperry said.

He said they can know well ahead of time where to send additional repair crews, where ice accumulations will be the most severe, and predict with a high degree of accuracy the amount of damage to a utility system.

The Sperry-Piltz Index returns! Hallelujah! And, you know what? That actually sounds like a useful tool. Which begs the question as to why we had to put up with all of that Global Warming nonsense in the story. It is almost as if any story about the weather is viewed as a “teaching moment” for all of us among the great unwashed.

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  1. martian says:

    I keep telling evryone it’s not “global warming” anymore – it’s CLIMATE CHANGE! That way EVERYTHING fits.

  2. Rich Horton says:

    heh. There is another reason I refuse to use the term “Climate Change”….it’s redundant. Climate changes….that just what climate does. It’s as if people started to use the terms “wet water” or “cold ice”.

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