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Follow In Your Book And Repeat After Me….

… As we learn three new words in French. Cuff. Fries. And blizzard. It appears that a fairly large potion of France is being hit with blizzards and/or torrential rain, depending on elevation. Things are so bad that the French … Continue reading

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Dominoes, Part Two

A growing number of foreign banks are ‘fessing up today and admitting that Bernard Madoff appears to have swindled them. Some are out a whole lot of money. Britain’s HSBC Holdings Plc was the latest bank to join the growing … Continue reading

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Brutal Cold Grips 2/3 Of The Country

The rest of the nation, down to the southeast, can look forward to multiple strong storms as their warmer air fights with the brutal cold the rest of us are “enjoying”. The contrast will fuel multiple storms swinging out from … Continue reading

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