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Snowzilla Dies

Snowzilla, we hardly knew ye. The city of Anchorage, Alaska has terminated Snowzilla. It wasn’t the weather. It wasn’t angry neighbors bearing shovels and pick axes. It turns out Snowzilla’s biggest foe — the one who felled the controversial but … Continue reading

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The Falcon And The Crashland

The Animal UprisingTM claims another new first: the krazed kamikaze kestral. A kestrel falcon was blamed on Monday for the crash in May of a US-owned Boeing 747 cargo plane as it took off from Brussels airport. As the aeroplane … Continue reading

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Rushing To Print

Well, The New York Times stepped in it today. They published a letter criticizing the attempt by Caroline Kennedy too be appointed to the US Senate. The letter was supposedly from the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë. Unfortunately for the … Continue reading

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The Road To Bailoutistan

Mark Steyn: The newspapers blame the Internet, just as Detroit blames Japan. But the Japanese have problems of their own. One day they’ll get theirs. That’s the beauty of capitalism. Nothing is forever. The big railroad barons smoking cigars and … Continue reading

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