Change You Can’t Believe In

Dynastic succession in the United States Senate, courtesy of the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Democrats in New York are fighting over Caroline Kennedy’s campaign to be appointed to the Senate seat being vacated by Secretary of State nominee Hillary Clinton. Former Democrat and former Republican and now independent Mayor Mike Bloomberg is all for the idea, as reportedly is Mr. Obama, whom the daughter of JFK and niece of Senator Ted Kennedy endorsed at a crucial moment during the Presidential primaries. Not so happy is New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the son of a former three-term Governor, who would like the seat himself and was once married to a Kennedy……

…….And don’t forget Colorado, where a mooted Senate replacement for Secretary of Interior nominee Ken Salazar is his brother, Congressman John Salazar. Democratic Governor Bill Ritter, who has benefited from the money and organization of the Salazar political machine, will make that appointment.

In addition, there’s the Delaware situation where a longtime aide to Joe Biden will be a placeholder until Biden’s son can return from Iraq and run for the seat. And of course, the ongoing drama in Illinois. Do read the whole thing, its rather amusing in a shake-your-head kind of way.

This sort of thing has gone on for years, of course. It is just unusual to see so much of it on display in such a short time.

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One Response to Change You Can’t Believe In

  1. Sam says:

    My wife and I were watching a show last night on the History Channel about the Roman empire. One of the things that struck me was how often the son of the emperor turned out to be a total rotter. Nero was the adopted son of Claudius, for instance, and finally committed suicide when the people of Rome rose up against his horrible rule.

    Given that dynamic, I don’t expect too much from these dynastic succession schemes in the Congress. Amusing ineffectiveness and incompetence at best, bumbling self-centered greed and malevolence at the worst. Put another bag of popcorn in the microwave, honey . . .

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