Hunting Beaver!

Those wacky folks at The Scottish Beaver Trial (not a made up name) have lost a beaver. The solitary male beaver is rampaging around the countryside chewing up trees and trying to find a mate. This is a bit on the tough side for the wayward rodent, however, since there are no female beavers running around in Britain.

The hunt was on today to catch an escaped beaver which escaped a sanctuary and is now gnawing its way through great swathes of the Devon countryside.

Leaving the tell-tale signs of felled trees in his wake, the animal with an appetite for destruction has proved he is nothing if not eager after travelling more than 20 miles down river.
The six-stone male fled his enclosure on a farm in Lifton, Devon, along with two females which were soon recaptured and is reported to have established his own territory near the village of Gunnislake in Cornwall.

Obviously, it’s past time to call in the experts: Canadians! Or New York’s Finest!

(Side note: The Daily Mail’s “Beaver Fact File” at the end of the article has some hilarious information in it. Also the little tidbit that a family of beavers can fell 300 trees in one winter. Something for landowners to rejoice about when the beaver is officially reintroduced into Britain. Beavers appear to be contributors to global warming then!)

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