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Stimulating Our Way Right Into Serfdom

Mark Steyn on what’s wrong with the “stimulus” plan passed by House Democrats – and only by House Democrats. Which is only fair since Republicans were completely shut out of anything to do with crafting the pork-fest of leftist spending. … Continue reading

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More Democrat Tax Antics

Funny how the Democrats are so very much in favor of tax increases as a party, isn’t it? When they can’t even seem to pay their current taxes, I mean. The latest Obama administration appointee to run afoul of taxes … Continue reading

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Riding The Rails

Rich asked earlier today if everyone had their hobo outfit picked out yet. That post was in response to the insane provisions in the “stimulus” bill that would throw protectionist “buy American” legislation on all government projects. Europe is vowing … Continue reading

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Yet Again More Further Additional Proof Of Global “Warming”

From Watts Up With That? Mature Arctic Ivory Gull Seen in Massachusetts – first time in over a century One of the claims about “global climate change” is that it will affect the normal ranges of flora and fauna of … Continue reading

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Do You Have Your Hobo Outfit Picked Out Yet?

Over at my home blog the other day I made a comment about the “economic stimulus” package to the effect that it will be remembered as the 21st Century version of the Smoot-Hawley tariff. I meant it figuratively. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading

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Bailout? Or Rip Off?

This one should make taxpayers very, very, very angry. The New York Times is reporting that despite 2008 being a disaster for the US financial sector, despite huge infusions of cash to banks and other Wall Street firms, those financial … Continue reading

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Shovel Ready – To Dig The Hole Ever Deeper

I’m really late to this party, but this needs to be spread far and wide – free of the usual media filters. The Wall Street Journal lifts the rock covering the “stimulus plan” being pushed through Congress by the Democrats. … Continue reading

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More Proof Of Global “Warming”?

Isn’t this exactly what Algore would predict? Snowy owls swoop southward Biologists say an increase in snowy owl sightings in the South suggests that the arctic species did so well in its northern breeding grounds last year that competition is … Continue reading

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Embarrassing NASA

A man who once supervised James Hansen at NASA says that Hansen “embarrassed” NASA with his strident claims about man-made global warming. That is about the most complimentary thing that Dr. John S. Theon had to say about Hansen in … Continue reading

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Do The Right Thing

Some folks simply do not get it, particularly if those folks are academics: Why GOP can’t say ‘whatever it is, we’re against it’ One of the best Marx Brothers movies, “Horse Feathers,” played in movie theaters at the height of … Continue reading

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Odd Odds & Ends

Just a couple links. See what made the Right Wing Prof exclaim: “…free-range chickens are penis-waving, serial-raping, patriarchal psychopaths!” And from the “insert your own joke here” file: Nasty odor plagues St. Louis area The money quote: “”I don’t want … Continue reading

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Idiot Alert

(Note: Apologies to one and all…but sometimes I read something so stupid I cannot help myself.) Jeezus H. Christ. What exactly does it take to write for Slate? Charles Pierce (who is NOT, I repeat NOT to be confused with … Continue reading

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Wounded Giant

The New York Times weighs in on the problems Microsoft is having right now. Layoffs and fallinf revenues are only the tip of the iceberg. It looks like Redmond is looking at a bleak future, at least for several years. … Continue reading

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Windows 7 – Some Problems

Biggest problem so far: antivirus programs. They simply do not play well with Windows 7 – or at least the two I tested so far. TrendMicro was really bad – it locked me out of making changes to my computer. … Continue reading

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Hi Yo Silver! Get Away!

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when horses did not get venereal diseases! The California Department of Food and Agriculture says veterinarians have 14 horses in quarantine as they work with federal officials to control a … Continue reading

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