More Proof Of Global “Warming”?

Isn’t this exactly what Algore would predict? Snowy owls swoop southward

Biologists say an increase in snowy owl sightings in the South suggests that the arctic species did so well in its northern breeding grounds last year that competition is driving the young ones to warmer climates.

The showy white owls of “Harry Potter” fame are spotted in small numbers in upstate New York and other northern states, including Ohio, every winter. This year, they’ve also been spotted farther south, in states where they’re rarely seen.

In Tennessee, birders armed with spotting scopes and telephoto lenses scrambled from as far away as Georgia and Alabama to see the first snowy owl reported in that state in 22 years….

Rarely seen south of northern Ohio, snowy owls have also been reported this year in Kansas and Missouri, according to the national bird reporting website.

Snowy owls nest on the ground in the Arctic tundra and many of them stay there year-round, while some winter in Canada and the northern United States.

Hmm…an arctic species now being found further and further south. Yeah, that fits with AGW just fine.

After all we have had all those reports of polar bears on the Rio Grande, or am I misremembering that?

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5 Responses to More Proof Of Global “Warming”?

  1. tarpon says:

    Of course it could be it is too cold up north. A few winters at minus 50 and you use those wings.

  2. Rich Horton says:

    Tarpon….such talk is strictly verboten!! The MSM would never be caught making such a suggestion!! I’m surprised at you.

  3. Gaius says:

    They move south to hunt. Ergo, they can’t hunt their usual grounds. We have bald eagles flying about in my neighbor hood these days. A sure sign hunting is impossible further north.

  4. Mockingbird says:

    So come to Florida, yankee birds. It hit 24 degrees in the last cold snap!
    Hey, plenty of squirrel and Opossum; rabbit,too!

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