Yet Again More Further Additional Proof Of Global “Warming”

From Watts Up With That? Mature Arctic Ivory Gull Seen in Massachusetts – first time in over a century

One of the claims about “global climate change” is that it will affect the normal ranges of flora and fauna of our planet. Well, with a very cold northern hemisphere this winter, that seems to happening. A bird not seen (as a mature adult) in Massachusetts since the 1800’s , an Ivory Gull, normally an inhabitant of arctic areas, has been spotted.

How weird could that be, really? Maybe the normal range for the bird includes Maine?

Boy, you sure can’t get more “consistent with global warming” then that, right?

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5 Responses to Yet Again More Further Additional Proof Of Global “Warming”

  1. martian says:

    I keep telling you – it’s ‘climate change’ not ‘global warming’. Climate change works for EVERY situation not just hot weather. You can blame this and virtually anything else on climate change.

  2. Rich Horton says:

    Yeah…but my SUV cant cause global cooling. How will I be morally chastened??????

  3. Bleepless says:

    Warmies are very much like, say, Marxists or anti-Semites. Everything — everything! — proves it, even when the facts disprove it. As Stalin himself once put it, “There are facts for us and facts against us. If the facts are against us, so much the worse for the facts.”

  4. Mockingbird says:

    The Arctic Ivory Gull may have been spotted in Massachusetts, resting, but he’s on his way here to Florida to join me for the rest of winter. It was 62 degrees today. It’s grand here-just add bourbon.

  5. John says:

    It is not just the Artic Ivory Gull that is turning up much further south than ever before, it’s also the Snowy Owl.

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