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What Has Eight Arms And Floods?

The answer: An escape artist California two-spotted octopus. Workers at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium were a bit dismayed to find that the octopus in question had flooded the outside of the aquarium, so to speak. They walked in and … Continue reading

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The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the illusions that Barack Obama is selling. Taxes, according to Obama, will only rise for the “rich”. The Journal points out the absurdity of that claim: Consider the IRS data for 2006, … Continue reading

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Gore Effect Reaches Space

The Gore Effect, heretofore observed only on the surface of the earth has reached space. A NASA satellite designed to monitor global carbon dioxide crashed into the Antarctic Ocean when launched today. Nasa scientists were left red-faced today after a … Continue reading

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I wish I’d thought of this. For tonight’s much ballyhooed Obama speech, Americans for Tax Reform has come up with handy-dandy O-Bingo cards, so you can play along at home. They have a handy key to what the words mean: … Continue reading

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Bailouts As Reality Shows

The Wall Street Journal is not impressed with the Obama administration’s efforts to stabilize the economy thus far. In fact, they liken it to a bad “reality” show: The current fear stems in particular from the uncertainty of the government’s … Continue reading

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We are assured by Barack Obama that “Because of what” they did, our economy will rebound. We are fed the news that Barack Obama will present a budget plan that will “slash” the Federal deficit despite a massive “stimulus” plan … Continue reading

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…..

Try, try again. But after failing 775 times, perhaps it is time to rethink your plans. A South Korean woman has failed a driver’s license test 775 times. But is still trying, despite spending close to $7,000 in fees in … Continue reading

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Baboon Metaphysics

Well, the latest short list for the Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year has been published. We have, of course, reported on the Diagram Prize before. (We are still hiding from some women and the squids are … Continue reading

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The App Bubble

Since I’ve been struggling with tech things the past day, it seems fitting that my first post after the restoration of the Crabitat be about tech things. (Well, it’s the first post not dealing with the crash or the aftereffects, … Continue reading

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Website Problems

Yesterday was not a great day. But the website is back up, although the domain name is changed until I can get back in shape. There appear to be some problems with scripts on the main site. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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If You Can Read This…..

Then a new install of WordPress on a backup domain is working. There should be a redirect that takes you from to this installation. Please leave a comment if you did reach the site. I’m scrambling like heck … Continue reading

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The site should be back up and running. Tweet

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Well, the Roland Burris saga continues. The ever-changing stories Senator Burris spins out daily are reading more than a bit like a soap opera plot. Or a crime novel. Take your pick. It seems the junior Senator from Illinois DID … Continue reading

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No Hurry

For all the dire warnings about the urgency of passing the “stimulus” plan, Barack Obama isn’t inclined to take any time to actually sign the bill that Congress spewed until he takes some time off. After pushing Congress for weeks … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Go There

A chilling column today from Mark Steyn. He recaps the “progress” of the Obamateur administration to date – and isn’t impressed: It requires a perverse kind of genius for the 44th president not to have waited for a single “event” … Continue reading

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