Gore Effect Reaches Space

The Gore Effect, heretofore observed only on the surface of the earth has reached space. A NASA satellite designed to monitor global carbon dioxide crashed into the Antarctic Ocean when launched today.

Nasa scientists were left red-faced today after a £190 million rocket carrying a global warming satellite crashed into the ocean near Antarctica.
The Orbiting Carbon Observatory was the agency’s first attempt to measure atmospheric carbon dioxide from space and was designed make climate change models more accurate.
But minutes after the launch at 9.55am GMT, the rocket failed to separate properly and plunged back to the Earth.

NASA, like our government, has turned inward rather than outward.

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2 Responses to Gore Effect Reaches Space

  1. martian says:

    I’ll bet it was sabotaged by Algorites. They didn’t dare let start actually measuring the CO2 content in the atmosphere. The game, as they say, would be up then.

  2. Mockingbird says:

    Someday, all satellites will run on CO2, and exhaust O2.
    But I’ll need a government grant to prove it. Please send check to…

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