What Has Eight Arms And Floods?

The answer: An escape artist California two-spotted octopus. Workers at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium were a bit dismayed to find that the octopus in question had flooded the outside of the aquarium, so to speak. They walked in and found a flood.

For one dexterous octopus, an attempt at a great escape turned into a great flood Thursday at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium in California.

The female California two-spotted octopus swam to the top of her tank, disassembled a valve with her powerful arm, and released at least 200 gallons (757 liters) of seawater into nearby exhibits and offices.

Obviously, the escape plan involved waiting for a sufficient amount of water to build up, then to surf back to the sea when the door was opened.

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2 Responses to What Has Eight Arms And Floods?

  1. MikeM says:

    Escape plan? Oh, no, this was an attack plan! This was an attempt to drown the humans when they walked in! And it would have worked if the door had been water-tight!

  2. feeblemind says:

    I remember reading a similar story about 15 years ago. Octopus pulled the plug on it’s tank. Unfortunately for the octopus, it pulled the plug at night and was dead by the time people returned to work and discovered the drained tank.

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