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Many of us on the right have long pointed out the echo chamber on the left. The highly coordinated internet astroturfing championed by folks like David Axelrod and Markos “Daily Kos” Moulitsas. Even the media is taking notice. The Politico … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Obama Administration Nominee Falls

Under the unfortunate headline “Chas Freeman pulls out“, The Politico reports that Chas Freeman has withdrawn his name from consideration for the position of chair of the National Intelligence Council. Under fire from both the left and the right, one … Continue reading

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And In Today’s Global Warmening News….

Yep, a living room 12 feet deep in ice is exactly what the true believers promised us. Isn’t it? And raging blizzards sweeping across the northern tier of the country and heading east with a vengeance. And record breaking cold … Continue reading

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Backlash to the proposed Obama spending spree budget proposal is building in surprising quarters. Or maybe not-so-surprising quarters if you have been paying attention. Very well heeled, left-leaning foundations and charities are becoming very upset at being targeted. Among those shocked … Continue reading

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