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Thuggery Begins

Not content with an all-out assault on the right to a secret ballot, unions are now pulling out all the stops. Unions are demanding that free speech also be curtailed – if that speech is against their fundamentally undemocratic agenda. We … Continue reading

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Off To The Races

Well, I see another broken Obama campaign promise elicits a yawn or apologies from the majority of the media. Congress passed yet another bill spending taxpayer money. Some 9,000 earmarks costing taxpayers $8 billion were crammed into the latest spending … Continue reading

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The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill

Amity Shlaes, writing at Bloomberg, says that watching the Obama administration is a lot like being an unwilling participant in the world portrayed in the  movie The Matrix. President Obama’s $634 billion, 10-year health-care plan undoubtedly appeals to would-be Neos … Continue reading

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