Thuggery Begins

Not content with an all-out assault on the right to a secret ballot, unions are now pulling out all the stops. Unions are demanding that free speech also be curtailed – if that speech is against their fundamentally undemocratic agenda.

We wrote on February 13 about the letter from the labor consortium Change to Win to the Financial Services Roundtable, demanding that banks receiving Troubled Asset Relief Program money keep quiet about union “card check.” To its credit, the banking lobby hasn’t backed down. Now Big Labor is escalating, demanding in a February 23 letter to Secretary Timothy Geithner that Treasury muzzle the companies if they won’t muzzle themselves.

“Firms receiving significant TARP assistance continue to lobby against the interests of hard working taxpayers,” says the letter from Change to Win Chair Anna Burger. “For example, these firms continue to oppose legislation that would allow bankruptcy judges to modify mortgage loan terms, establish a Credit Cardholder’s Bill of Rights and protect consumers from corporations that bury mandatory arbitration clauses in fine print.”

Imagine that: Banks are daring to fight legislation that would reduce their profitability — and at a time when our public officials say they are desperate for banks to earn themselves out of trouble.

If the “card check” is such a great idea, here’s a modest proposal. Let it apply in the other direction. In other words, if a majority of union members at a particular location sign the cards, they can eject a union. And the union can’t object. That seems more than fair.

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