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Got Tea?

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Michael Goodwin has a devastating column out today. Devastating for the Obama administration, that is. Not long ago, after a string of especially bad days for the Obama administration, a veteran Democratic pol approached me with a pained look on … Continue reading

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HUGE Security Flaw In Windows Home Server

I have no idea if anyone else has blogged about this, I have not found anything out on the web with an admittedly brief search. But there appears to be a huge – and I mean huge – security hole in … Continue reading

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Unforced Errors

The Telegraph is reporting that senior Obama aides have let it be known that team Obama has been making mistakes. Gee, ya think? A source close to Mr Obama’s top team telephoned this newspaper last week to say that White House … Continue reading

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The Brokest Generation

Mark Steyn tries to warn the youth of this country that they are the ones getting stuck with the Obama administration’s tab. All these massive spending programs will, inevitably, have to be paid for out of their pockets. This is … Continue reading

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