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Busload Of AIG Executives To Tour Homes Of Activists This Weekend

Just imagine the firestorm that would set off. If “rich” executives were to descend on the homes of “activists” and comment on their lifestyles with envy and a sense of entitlement dripping from them. Not likely. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Well, Now We Know…..

….Why Obama has vowed to empty Guantanamo. To house AIG executives after he an Congress get done using them to deflect criticism from the actions of Democrats. Mark Steyn is brutal today: Still, on the basis of its first 60 … Continue reading

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The Train Wreck

Charlie Cook has been looking at elections for a while now. He points to an ominous sign for Democrats: the independents appear to be leaving them – rapidly. Just as the economic news was relentlessly negative until the last few … Continue reading

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Pelosi Tramples The Constitution

John at Power Line is more than a bit upset by the antics of the Pelosi-led House: I’m stupefied to find that some people are defending the constitutionality of Nancy Pelosi’s discriminatory, confiscatory and retroactive tax on people who receive … Continue reading

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