“Thin” Ice

Arctic “explorer” surprised to find it’s cold.

With perfect timing, the setting out from Britain of the “Global Warming Three” last month was hampered by “an unusually heavy snowfall”. When they were airlifted to the start of their trek by a twin-engine Otter (one hopes a whole forest has been planted to offset its “carbon footprint”), they were startled to find how cold it was. The BBC dutifully reported how, in temperatures of minus 40 degrees, they were “battered by wind, bitten by frost and bruised by falls on the ice”.

Thanks to the ice constantly shifting, it was “disheartening”, reported Hadow, to find that “when you’ve slogged for a day”, you can wake up next morning to find you have “drifted back to where you started”. Last week, down to their last scraps of food, they were only saved in the nick of time by the faithful Otter. They were disconcerted to see one of those polar bears, threatened with extinction by global warming, wandering around, doubtless eyeing them for its dinner.

Good thing the Otter was handy or this story wouldn’t be particularly funny from their point of view. The most disturbing thing about this story is not this story but the other item included in the article:

Mr Nicholson had fallen out with his colleagues over his attempts to reduce the company’s “carbon footprint”. The tribunal chairman David Neath found the company guilty of discriminating against Mr Nicholson under the 2006 Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations, because his faith in global warming was a “philosophical belief”

As the article points out, the true believers have been trying to demonize and criminalize “deniers” in their beliefs. So it is more than a bit disconcerting to hear that true believers are protected while it is open season on “deniers. 

Do read the whole thing, it is rather entertaining.

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4 Responses to “Thin” Ice

  1. It’s cold, that proves AGW!!!!!! 😀

  2. Sylvia says:

    Anthony Watts has had some good threads about this over on his WUWT blog. One of the comments led to a wonderful excerpt from a 1932 medical journal about Dr. Rae and his travels in Canada.

  3. Mockingbird says:

    Those people should get warmed up and go get real jobs!

  4. Bleepless says:

    Where’d the plane come from? If civilian, was it rented — and by whom? If government, was it military? If government of any variety, why?

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