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Dumping Dollars

How badly are Obama’s economic policies playing globally? Bad enough that the Chinese are now agitating for a replacement for the dollar as a reserve currency. China’s central bank on Monday proposed replacing the US dollar as the international reserve … Continue reading

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Gee, Ya Think?

Surprise: ex-post-facto, vindictive use of the tax code to punish private citizens for Congressional stupidity is a bad idea. But the actions of Congress last week may have raised concerns well beyond the bonus question. “There’s a great deal of uncertainty beyond executive … Continue reading

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Too Late

A Japanese astronaut is test flying, so to speak, some new, “stink-free” underwear: Teen-age boys, are you tired of embarrassing questions about when you last changed underwear? Japan’s space scientists may have just the answer — a line of odour-free … Continue reading

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Is It Real, Or Is It Photoshopped?

Very interesting free application that can help detect whether an image is real or has been altered/edited or tweaked. If you’ve ever visited a forum on the Web, you’re familiar with how easily a single photo can spark a debate … Continue reading

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The Plan. Such As It Is.

Timothy Geithner has a plan: The Public-Private Investment Program will purchase real-estate related loans from banks and securities from the broader markets. Banks will have the ability to sell pools of loans to dedicated funds, and investors will compete to … Continue reading

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