Goodbye To All That

Daniel Henninger on the complete disconnect between the Democrats and the private sector.

Barack Obama meets with a flock of nervous bankers at the White House tomorrow to reassure them he understands their interests. Good luck. There has always been tension between the Democratic Party and the private sector. That tension is over. With its vote in the House of Representatives to punish corporate bonus payments, the national Democratic Party has disconnected itself entirely from the private sector.

 The public bear-baiting of AIG’s Ed Liddy, and then passage of the bonus bill, gave the nation a good look at the modern Democratic Party freed of constraints.

The current version of the party has largely broken free of any understanding whatsoever of the private sector — how it works or what it needs to function.

True socialists at least think about markets so they can criticize them. The Democratic Party’s leadership doesn’t stir to even that level of engagement…..

Frankly, I have been stunned at the sheer level of stupidity coming out of the Democrats in Washington these past two months or so. They, from Barry O. right down to the greenest Democrat in Congress collectively do not get what the private sector needs to thrive.

They also do not appear to understand – at all – that government only exists because of that same private sector that the Democrats so loathe. (Unless they can extort money from that sector, that is.)

Once the golden goose that makes their jobs possible is quite dead, they will be left with nothing whatsoever.

As will the rest of us.

Still hoping for that change, America? Be very careful what you wish for.

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2 Responses to Goodbye To All That

  1. kidrob says:

    im ready. when people start getting their smart thermostats. we’ll see some change friend.

  2. martian says:

    It just keeps getting worse on a daily basis. Their groping in the dark might be comical if it wasn’t so destructive to not only our economy but our entire way of life. I’m almost beginning to wonder if the conspiracy theorists I laughed at not so long ago have turned out to be right and the Obamessiah is really a deep cover mole for the Islamic Fundamentlists. That used to sound so far-fetched, it doesn’t anymore.

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