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Too Funny

What to do if you are a heartless employer in tough times?  Why, lay them off, of course! Especially if they are unionized. That’s the usual complaint we are bombarded with by the media. Funny how they are not reporting … Continue reading

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HuffnPuff Cheerfully Distorting The Truth

The Huffington Post with a positively breathless report on the “locker room” exchange between Chuck (Not my favorite Senator) Grassley and Kent Conrad during a budget session: Marking up budget legislation can be a brutal affair, often beginning early and … Continue reading

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Barack Obama, Media Hound

Yahoo! asks if Barack Obama has reached media saturation yet. It’s obvious the camera loves President Barack Obama. But are American audiences growing tired of his seemingly ubiquitous TV appearances? This week alone, the president was on “60 Minutes,” held … Continue reading

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Old Man Winter Just Won’t Die This Year

Oklahoma is bracing for a potentially life-threatening blizzard. The governor of the state is warning people to stay home. “To all Oklahomans, I would urge you to not get out and travel. If you must, make sure you have provisions … Continue reading

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A Lesson

Via The Wall Street Journal, a little lesson from the Wisconsin state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to the politicians demanding witch rich hunts. Responding to a letter “suggesting” state attorneys investigate corporations from Chuck Grassley, Van Hollen wrote back: “However, … Continue reading

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