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Baby Birds

Baby birds are fed by the expedient method (for birds, at any rate) of the parental birds regurgitating whatever they have eaten into the mouths of their offspring. Mammals have a few other options. Although some mammals choose the baby … Continue reading

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In Search Of A Leftist Iconic Moment

Time Magazine reveals more about its political bent than it intends in this piece, I suspect. Every successful social movement has its defining images. Think of the civil rights movement, and the photos of protesters being attacked by police dogs and … Continue reading

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Earlier this month I posted about some states beginning to rebel against the push from Washington into the affairs of the states. The Christian Science Monitor also has noticed the trend: There’s an old joke in South Carolina: Confederate President … Continue reading

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False Choice

Mark Steyn: Writing in the Chicago Tribune last week, President Obama fell back on one of his favorite rhetorical tics: “But I also know,” he wrote, “that we need not choose between a chaotic and unforgiving capitalism and an oppressive … Continue reading

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