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The Turing Bombe

Volunteers have crafted a replica of a device used to crack German codes during the Second World War. The Turing Bombe machines were all destroyed after the war. The replica has taken years to build. The rows of silver dials … Continue reading

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Medical Records Online

The Obama administration has made much – very much indeed – about the supposed savings in health care  costs by putting medical records online. Where no laws cover the privacy of those records, one adds. It turns out that insurance … Continue reading

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Command Economy

Anyone else troubled by this?  The Obama administration is now making personnel decisions – in private companies. The Obama administration asked Rick Wagoner, the chairman and CEO of General Motors, to step down and he agreed, a White House official … Continue reading

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Toad Day Out

Residents of Australia’s Queensland have figured out a way to eradicate (or at least slow down the spread of) cane toads. What organizers hope will be an annual event, the so-called Toad Day Out occurred this weekend. In what can … Continue reading

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China Cyber War Underway?

Canadian computer security experts have found more than 1,200 computers in 103 countries infected with a malicious software that allowed hackers to take over – almost completely – their victims computers. The hackers could even turn on the computer’s webcam to … Continue reading

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So, This Bobcat Walks Into A Bar……

… And savages a couple of patrons. Okay, I have got to work on that punchline. But that is exactly what happened in the city of Cottonwood, Arizona last week. Patrons of the Chaparral Bar had a bobcat walk in. … Continue reading

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