So, This Bobcat Walks Into A Bar……

And savages a couple of patrons. Okay, I have got to work on that punchline. But that is exactly what happened in the city of Cottonwood, Arizona last week. Patrons of the Chaparral Bar had a bobcat walk in. Apparently, the bobcat didn’t like the patrons or the service and bit a couple of customers.  Cottonwood police destroyed the animal in the bar’s parking lot. And yes, it was rabid.

The bobcat had been on a bit of a spree prior to entering the bar, attacking one woman and frightening another.

There is actually video of the bobcat’s bar visit posted at YouTube. Judging from what the video shows, I think we know why the bobcat really bit the patrons:

He didn’t like getting his picture taken.

So, this bobcat walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Whatever you do don’t take his picture.”

(Via freind of the Crabitat JA Jance who sent in a link the Seattle Times story about this incident.)

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Yikes. Rabies is no fun. Wonder what else it attacked on the way. At least it was adults in the bar — those shots are a lot harder on kids. Ouch.

    Good to see you posting news about the Animal Uprising again, Gaius. I was starting to worry that the squirrels were filtering your posts…

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