The Turing Bombe

Volunteers have crafted a replica of a device used to crack German codes during the Second World War. The Turing Bombe machines were all destroyed after the war. The replica has taken years to build.

The rows of silver dials and tangle of scarlet wires look more like a telephone exchange.
But this is the inside of the Turing Bombe, the part-electronic, part-mechanical code-breaking machine and forerunner of the modern computer, which cracked 3,000 messages a day sent on Nazi Enigma machines during the Second World War.

There were 210 such bookcase-like Bombes that gave Britain advance warning of Hitler’s plans and shortened the conflict by two years……

…..The original Bombes, invented by brilliant mathematician Alan Turing, were made using reinforced brown Tufnol plastic moulded from sheets a tenth of an inch thick, a cast-iron framework and 12 miles of intricate wire circuits.

I suspect that your desktop computer can do rather more than the Bombe could. It is still a fascinating bit of history recreated.

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