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Well, That Didn’t Work…..

…. So let’s smear someone else. The Democrats have “moved on” from trying to use Rush Limbaugh as a handy-dandy attack target. Now they are gunning for Sarah Palin. Multiple Democratic strategists say the party plans to increasingly elevate Palin … Continue reading

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Protection Racket

Apparently, in the Brave New Obama World™, if one is the recipient of some Federal largess (read taxpayer money) one is accountable to Obama, personally. Obama may demand the resignation of a CEO of a company that has received handfuls of … Continue reading

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First Person

Victor Davis Hanson notices something in Obama’s address on GM and Chrysler. It is all about Obama: I think our president needs to invest more in the use of the third-person “government,” since his speeches more and more center on … Continue reading

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There is still some time left in the trading day on Wall Street, but as of this post, the Dow is down 4.23%, the NASDAQ down 3.59% and the S&P 500 down 4.29%. I’m guessing Wall Street is less than … Continue reading

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It has begun. Asian shares slumped and were headed for their biggest daily fall in four weeks, while U.S. Treasuries gained after a U.S. task force rejected turnaround plans for automakers GM and Chrysler. S&P stock futures dropped and European shares opened … Continue reading

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