Judge Andrew Napolitano:

The Federal government committed extortion and they’re not being held accountable. What’s next? Listen to this: I recently met with the Chair and CEO of one of the country’s top 10 bank holding companies. His bank is worth in excess of $250 billion, has no bad debt, no credit default swaps, no liquidity problems, and no subprime loans. He told me that he and others were forced by Treasury and FDIC threats to take TARP funds, even though he did not want or need them.

I’ll send you over to read the whole thing.

Unconstitutional and, frankly, criminal things have been coming out of Washington at an unbelievable rate lately and it is accelerating. Obama fires the head of General Motors, Congress passes ex-post-facto bills of attainder, the government extorts banks into taking money they doesn’t want, then changes the rules and demands to exercise authority over their newly extorted thralls.

We are watching our country, our rights and our freedoms draining away.

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  1. Hal says:

    This is mind numbing to me. And what I don’t get is why Wall Street and the rest of the markets are reacting like nothing is happening that is all that bad.

    Financials should be running scarred. It’s Fascism 101.

    With all this spending to top things off, gold should be going through the roof. Yet right now I’m looking at the DOW and it’s down a little on jobless claims, but it’s not really reacting and gold is slipping below $900 according to real time widget ExactPrice ( http://www.learcapital.com/exactprice )

    It’s just madness to me. I can’t figure out how so many can just turn a blind eye.

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