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Reasonable People…

…Can disagree over many things. But they should not disagree over facts. Fact one. Fact two. Fact one shows Northern Hemisphere sea ice at about 1/2 million square Km below “average”. Fact two shows Southern Hemisphere sea ice at about … Continue reading

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Easter Egg

Well, it sort of looks like an Easter egg if you scrunch your eyes up and have been drinking heavily. GM’s master plan to save itself was revealed today in all it’s glory: The PUMA. Bankruptcy for General Motors may … Continue reading

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Out Of Touch With Reality

Bret Stephens advises Obama to go see Dr. Phil: So, as the good doctor likes to say: Get real. Get real about North Korea. Get real about the U.N. Get real, also, about NATO, arms control, Russia, the global financial … Continue reading

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