Out Of Touch With Reality

Bret Stephens advises Obama to go see Dr. Phil:

So, as the good doctor likes to say: Get real. Get real about North Korea. Get real about the U.N. Get real, also, about NATO, arms control, Russia, the global financial system, and every other item headlining the president’s unreality tour through the capitals of Europe.

Start with North Korea. What was the purpose of the missile test? Surely not (or not mainly) to showcase the efficacy of North Korean technology, which Dear Leader Kim Jong Il must have known was likely to fail. The real test conducted Sunday was of Mr. Kim’s international position. And here he scored a direct hit.

At the U.N., China’s ambassador counseled a “cautious and proportionate” response, which is tantamount to no response at all. Russia wondered, in a style worthy of Andrei Gromyko, whether Pyongyang had actually violated the terms of Resolutions 1695 and 1718, which demand, inter alia, that the North “not conduct any further nuclear test or launch of a ballistic missile.” (My emphasis.)

Politics as unreality television. Go read the whole thing. I’ve never before seen a president making a world tour to diminish his own country and abase his own countrymen before. And for what? To gain a few popularity points with people who have looked at America and Americans with scorn and envy for decades? Obama is not trying to mend fences with the world, he’s reinforcing negative opinions that have existed for years. Opinions that will not change for the better regardless of what Obama does or says.

But they will deteriorate even further with a president busily pointing fingers at his own country.

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2 Responses to Out Of Touch With Reality

  1. MAS1916 says:

    Diplomacy has been characterized as the ability to talk without saying anything. The Obama administration has taken this to a new level by defining “talk” or diplomacy as a form of action. North Korea can now expect a severe diplomatic response to its weekend missile launch. Unfortunately for the free world, this severe diplomatic response will consist of yet another discussion and perhaps another UN resolution to which no party expects enforcement or compliance. Obama and has only emboldened the DPRK to continue its development of nuclear and missile technology by pursuing sanctions through the UN Security Council.

    Obama is naive and childish – which the DPRK is counting on.

  2. Andrew X says:

    The only possible salutory effect of all this, something that might fall into the “God looks after drunks, small children, and the United States of America” file, is that the many people who have taken it into the marrow of their core of their DNA that ‘if the US JUST acted this way FINALLY after 200+ years, if we JUST did this, what we wunnerful people have been advocating all along, THEN everything will be just splendid from here on out’…. well, these people might just might be discredited in a big way, for being the naive fools they are.


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