Lock Step

Heck, might as well post about this one, too. The leftosphere in lockstep – coordinated by the White House:

The latest in a series of new, low-profile efforts to coordinate the unusually focused progressive coalition backing the White House’s goals is a quiet weekly meeting run by a new group called the Common Purpose Project.

The Common Purpose meeting every Tuesday afternoon at the Capitol Hilton brings together the top officials from a range of left-leaning organizations, from labor groups like Change to Win to activists like MoveOn.org, all in support of the White House’s agenda. The group has an overlapping membership with a daily 8:45 a.m. call run by the Center for American Progress’ and Media Matters’ political arms; with the new field-oriented coalition Unity ’09; and with the groups that allied to back the budget as the Campaign to Rebuild and Renew America Now.

Unlike those other groups, however, the Common Purpose meeting has involved a White House official, communications director Ellen Moran, two sources familiar with the meeting said. It’s aimed, said one, at “providing a way for the White House to manage its relationships with some of these independent groups.”

The group’s founder, political consultant and former Gephardt aide Erik Smith, described it in general terms after others had confirmed its existence.

“The goal is to convene a group of people that identify the most effective progressive messages and to advance a progressive policy agenda,” said Smith.

The goal is also (see Smith’s update) to punish those who do not stay on message, all the time.

Frankly, I have no wish to live a subservient life, obeying my “masters” in all things. Least of all in what I think, say, write or do. Again, as in the last post, the left reveals rather a lot more about themselves than they realize with this.

It is not flattering.

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